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Freckled Amateur Girl Toying And Masturbating


It’s not a good thing that girls are starting to masturbate more and have sex less. In fact it’s a fucking travesty, if girls start learning that they can get better pleasure from their fingers or even  a sex toy where does that leave us men? Are we going to become obsolete is the real question that we should be asking ourselves, if anything it’s time we took a stand and showed these girls why they still need the cock!

I’ve been doing my fair share of research into the matter and so far I’m not liking what I’ve been seeing. For one a girl can masturbate pretty much anywhere and she doesn’t need to have a reason to do it. Men often cum once and they need to recharge their batteries so to speak before they’re ready to go for it again. It’s no secret that girls have multiple orgasms an if the guy isn’t up to it they’ll always reach for that sex toy to finish the job off.

I think we need to get a 65% off discount pass that’s good for instant access and show these girls that we mean business. Taking a stand like this shows them that two can play at that game. With over 100,000 xxx movies we can masturbate for days, weeks, months on end and show the girls that we might not need them. I don’t know if it’s a viable solution but at least I can have some fun for a change.