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Month: October, 2011

Girl masturbating with shower hose.

Women take forever to get ready, and they blame having to do their hair and make up. But I’ll tell you the truth: they’re girls masterbating. The reason they take those hour long showers is that they have a good buddy waiting for them there: the shower hose. Masturbating girls love the feel of the water hitting their wet pussy, the pressure it makes on their clits. They don’t even have to use their hands, just the water alone is enough to bring them to body-shaking orgasms. Now you know why girls take long showers.

Ebony girl masturbating in bed.

We know that girls masterbating find all sorts of ways to get off, but some of them like to mix and match a little bit. This cute ebony girl loves rubbing her juicy pussy against a soft silk pillow, but she also loves her trusty vibrator. So she decided to mix both techniques to see how it goes. She rubs her wet pussy against the pillow the same time the vibrator massages her clit. She loves the soft touch of the fabric as the toy vibrates. The result is one very quick and wet orgasm.