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Month: April, 2017

Hookup Site Battle: Winning in a Different Way

If you want to truly win at a hookup site, you might want to consider doing things in a different way. You see, a lot of guys like to go about hooking up with anonymous online pussy in pretty much the same way. They look at the online hookup game as like a paddle where there’s a castle out in the horizon and the only strategy is to storm the gates of that castle. Sounds like a good idea when you’re approaching the castle but when you see that there’s all these cannons at you, it probably is not a good idea at that point, right?

Well, unfortunately, most idiots who insist on doing things the exact same things that everybody else is doing simply get massacred. This applies to the battle-fiend, and it definitely applies to the online world of anonymous pussy. So, if you don’t want to get killed and end up wasting your time looking for pussy online, pay attention! How do you win? Very simple! Do things differently! If everybody thinks that’s showing pictures of their penises will get them pussy, show a picture of your face. Show a picture of  your tattoo. Be different!

You see, when you’re different it’s easy for women to spot you. This may not always be a good thing but at the very least you’ll get some sort of attention. Attention in the doggy dog world of local sex dating is definitely a good thing. Second, be quiet.  A lot of guys think that when they’re communicating with chicks the more they talk the higher the likelihood that she’s going to spread her legs, drop her panties, and give up the pussy. Absolutely wrong!

You see, these guys talk and talk and talk that you probably would confuse them for being bitches themselves. They talk so much that they start acting like women. However, women like guys who are silent at the right times. I’m not saying that you should put on a silent tag, I’m not saying that at all. You have to communicate but, you need to know when to hold your tongue at the right time. That’s going to drive her crazy and can increase your likelihood of hooking up with her.

You have to understand that it’s all a cat and mouse game. You have to get in there with a tremendous amount of curiosity so you can play the game the right way.