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It’s all about the moment When You Meet for Sex

When you’re with somebody and you are having a good time together laughing and enjoying your surroundings, lose yourself in the moment. Again, I’m not saying that you should look straight in her eyes and dig deep into those deep blue pools and allow yourself to be spiritually naked I’m not talking about that deep emotion. I’m just talking about losing yourself experientially in the moment.

You know, think in terms of 3D. What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are you smelling? Does this all lead up to some sort of intoxicating level of comfort you have with that person which can lead to great sex. Now, that in of itself is a great thing. It’s okay to leave it at that level. But you should at least get it to that level.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t even try. They think that it’s just all about banging and leaving the chicks they’ve fucked with I’m sorry dude, but if your sex game is really all about hitting it and quitting it, then word will get around that you are a lousy lay. Why? Sexual selfishness has no place in really meaningful sexual Interaction. Really, if that’s your attitude then you might as well jerk off because you don’t really need women around if your main objective is to please yourself, you can just do that manually.

Pleasure comes in many forms

It’s really very basic male thinking to define pleasure in purely physical terms. Unfortunately, if we were to do that, we are going to be robbing pleasure of its fullest dimensions. Pleasure involves the total person. And just as you’re not just meant to take a shit, piss, or drink and eat, you’re not just meant to fuck. You are meant for something more.